LeToya Talks “From The Rough”, “Single Ladies” & Michelle Williams with MadameNoire.com

"From The Rough"

It’s always fun to talk to LeToya Luckett, and we chatted with the multi-talented beauty as she prepares for the release of her new film, From The Rough, with Taraji P. Henson and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. The film, which actually began production in 2010, will finally be released on April 25 after those behind it figured out things with distribution. But aside from getting the 411 on her new movie, which is a true story inspired by Cassandra Turner, the first female coach of a NCAA Division I men’s golf team, we talked about Luckett being a Scandal-head (aka, a Gladiator), her excitement about the return of Single Ladies and what she thinks about folks on Twitter picking on her good friend, Michelle Williams.


“It’s a phenomenal movie, and I’m so glad that it’s finally hitting theaters. I play a character by the name of Stacey, who is the love interest of Tom Felton’s character. I’m pretty sure you know him from Harry Potter. I think a lot of people, from his character in Harry Potter [Draco Malfoy], expect him to be this mean guy, but he’s so, so so sweet. But Tom is also one of the members of the golf team and Taraji P. Henson, she coaches the team. Basically, she was at this predominately African-American college and they decide to do a golf team, but they don’t want to put a large budget towards putting a team together and getting the players together. So she has to go international with it. So she goes to Australia, Japan, all over the world to pick her players. London, which is where she gets Tom’s character, and it just shows her struggle with developing the team. And then they were coming into this predominately black college, being from all over the world, and you know how we get down [laughs]. It’s a fun story, but it definitely sends you on this emotional roller coaster.”


“He was like that uncle that you always wish you had. I learned a lot from watching him. He was so professional and so awesome at his craft. He was just an amazing spirit. And he would always be like, ‘You ever need anything, I got your back.’ Even though he had this huge presence, he had this soft teddy bear spirit. He was great to work with.”


“A lot of people think I’m this mean lady. I have people who come up to me, who didn’t know me as LeToya, and will be like, ‘Oh my God, how are you Miss Felicia? I don’t want to bother you, but can I get a picture?’ [laughs]. But it was such a great experience to play something so far from my personality.”


“Of course I was, especially since it had this huge following that I wasn’t even aware of. But they [fans] are serious about their Single Ladies. I’m glad to know, especially for the fans of the show, that it is coming back, moreso for them than for any of us. I’m just glad that they started a petition and all kinds of stuff. It’s because of them that it’s coming back. It’s very nice to see people passionate about something [laughs]. That’s what excited me. Got me all riled up like “YEAH!” [laughs] It’s beautiful for them, that they get to have their show back. Folks were going off for that show, honey.”


“We shall see. I think that she was such a big personality on this season and I think that everybody loved to hate her. I’m pretty sure they’ll want to see what Felicia is up to for next season.”


“I still love it! I think they’ve done a wonderful job, especially with working around Kerry’s ‘wonderful moment’ that she has coming up soon if you know what I mean [laughs]. I’m happy with what they did with that, and how they’re kind of making the storyline work around other characters. They just have all these wow moments with the other characters and it’s giving them their time to shine. Instead of just being based on one thing or one storyline, and not to say that it has been like that, but I just love how it’s really helping to develop the other characters as well.”


“People are…[breathes deeply], especially in social media now…I didn’t know about the hashtag, but now I do and I’m like, ‘Wow. Gross.’ People have to realize that these are people’s feelings and Michelle is such a beautiful person. When people create stuff like that about other people, I kind of want to come and sit on somebody else’s desk while they’re at work and point out things about them. Or come to their front door and just say nasty things. I don’t understand how people think that’s okay. Do unto others as you want done to yourself. This is somebody’s daughter. This is somebody’s sister. You don’t do that to people. That’s not nice. You wouldn’t want it done to yourself. You don’t want people coming out poking and picking at your insecurities and your flaws. And I’m pretty sure half of the world wishes they could be in Destiny’s Child and have had the experiences that she had. Of course, if she was the one answering the question, she would be like, ‘Girl, I don’t care.’ But as her friend, I’m like ‘Uh uh, don’t you do it. Don’t you come for her.’ So I just wish some people would really take time before they click on that comment and start rambling about someone they do not know. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. And I think with social media, people feel like they can come right to your front door and spit in your face at times. I don’t think the Twitters of the world, Facebooks of the world, and Instagrams of the world were created for such disgusting moments like that. And I think we as people are turning it into that, and that’s not cool.”

“From The Rough” hits theaters April 25th!

"From The Rough" Poster

VH1 Interview: LeToya Is Back On The Music Scene With “Don’t Make Me Wait”

You may know LeToya Luckett as an original member of Destiny’s Child, but she’s a multi-faceted star in her own right. The talented singer, actress and business owner joined the Single Ladies cast this season, bringing life to the fierce breed of music executives she knows all too well. In addition to playing Felicia Price, LeToya is contributing new music to the show’s third season while working on her third solo album.

We spoke with the Houston native about what it’s like to hear your music on TV, emerging as a solo artist and dancing to Pharrell.

single_ladies3_ad_cropWhat was it like to join that cast?

LeToya Luckett: It has been a great experience. I’ve enjoyed my role as Felicia. She’s so much fun to play and I’ve learned a lot myself just playing her. I’m definitely blessed to be a part of this and I’m blessed to have a network that’s supportive of my music as well. And them wanting to adopt this song “Don’t Make Me Wait” for this episode just makes me smile on the inside. I love it.

Can you relate to the character Felicia at all or is she someone that is familiar to you at all in the music industry? Read more

Global Grind Interview: LeToya Talks ‘Single Ladies’, ‘DC’ Comparisions, & More

LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett is nothing like her Single Ladies mean girl character Felicia Price.

Within the first few moments of speaking with the Southern Belle, you’ll learn the singer and actress is down-to-earth, goofy, and very easy to talk to.

I’m trying something different on this album…I’m taking chances, and trying new things with my voice.

During a recent conversation with GlobalGrind – in which Toya dishes all the deets on whether or not she’s ever been the mean girl in her crew, lets us know if LisaRaye’s ample backside is as impressive in person, and reveals how a man should approach her if he’s feeling her – it’s expressly obvious that she’s happy, grateful for all the success she’s already experienced, but ready for more.

It’s got to be that hunger that has Miss Toya showing off her impressive acting skills, preparing to release her new album Until Then this year, and creating musical bangers for VH1’s Single Ladies all in one breath.

We ain’t mad at her though – her hard work is definitely paying off. Toya also talks about being compared to other Destiny’s Child members and how being a part of the group has affected her life in the long run.

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LeToya Shares Details About “Until Then…” and More with Vibe Vixen


Allow LeToya Luckett to re-introduce herself. Armed with a lucrative solo career and budding acting resume, this burgeoning starlet is proof that with age comes wisdom and her time is now. As Felicia on Single Ladies, her fictional counterpart also compliments her renewed boss status and personal success: “I could go on for days on how she’s inspired me.” While some women are settling down and starting families, this independent woman is redefining what it is to be patient and wait Until Then.

Chatting with the very grounded and beautiful LeToya was a pleasure. She shared deets on her Single Ladies role and its perception to TV audiences. “Once you overlook her little cold side, I think you will see her as just an awesome established woman,” she revealed to us about loving her stern alter ego. She also spoke on her album and hair color, something we are definitely fans of (“It has definitely boosted my confidence”).

VIBE Vixen: How did getting your role come about?

LeToya Luckett: I went in originally to audition for one of the other roles and ended up leaving with this role. I guess this one was just meant to be and I thought it was going to be a little harder because I felt the way it was written, I would have to play an older role but I was just like “you know what, I’m going to make this my own thing.”

I didn’t want to play Felicia so hard and cold that people wouldn’t like her or hate her because she was angry all of the time. I wanted to add just a little bit of comedy and you know the fashion. I wanted to make sure all of that made sense, so I hope you guys see her like that instead of being like “oh my gosh she is evil.” Read more

7 Things You Didn’t Know About LeToya Luckett

LeToya Essence Magazine (Jan. 24, 2014)By now you probably know LeToya Luckett has made her small screen debut on VH1′s hit series Single Ladies, and working on her third solo album, Until Then… But the self-described “goofy girl” recently shared seven things about herself you may not have known exclusively with Essence

She considers former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams and actress Keisha Knight Pulliam her closest celebrity friends.
Michele and I were at a fundraiser and she came up and she was like, ‘Girl, I admire you. You are just everything.’ I was like ‘Are you serious?’ Then we kept running into each other and one day her manager told me she’d been trying to reach out to me and gave me her number. I was under the hairdryer one time and I gave her a call and we had a wonderful conversation and just kept going from there. We kept going out to eat together—I think we bonded over some Krispy Kreme donuts. Me and Keisha Knight Pulliam have also been close friends for over 11 years.

She’s addicted to Scandal, like the rest of us
I love everything about it. I am going through withdrawals right now as we speak because they just gon’ hit us with a February return? Like end of February?! Two months! Like, I understand we’re having babies and God bless Kerry Washington, but I just need you to come back Liv. I need you Liv! Read more