LeToya Talks Faith, Spirituality, & God with Essence

LeToya LuckettLeToya Luckett is on her way to becoming one of the hardest working women in entertainment. She just starred in her latest film, Drumline: A New Beat, and will soon appear in Lifetime’s Seasons of Love—all the while working on her upcoming album, Until Then. The Grammy Award-winning singer and actress spoke with ESSENCE.com about how her faith and her family have helped her get this far.

How would you describe your relationship with God?

I am definitely a woman of faith. My prayer life and my connection with God are on the highest level. I definitely would not be standing here doing what I do were it not for that. It is my only way of survival. My father was a minister so I was raised in the church. I guess I’m a lucky girl because I’ve always been taught, since I was a little girl, this is who you count on. This is who you lean on. It is my foundation.

Now that you’re older, how has that faith helped you in your day to day?

Things just started happening even without asking. I just let him lead with every single thing. I don’t get in the way. A lot of times we get in His way; we get in our own way, and it ends up taking us in the wrong direction. This would be a boring world if we all made the same decisions and all were doing the same thing. The beauty of this whole thing is God has carved out a different story, a different path for all of us. It’s up to us to connect to Him and follow it. Read more

LeToya Talks with ChristianPost: “I serve a major God who definitely has the last say on my life.”


LeToya Luckett is going to star in three films within the next few months and is gearing up for at least one television show, but the Christian singer and actress insists that she still struggles with being a celebrity.

It’s been close to 15 years since Luckett, 33, sang alongside her childhood friends Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson in the hit R&B group Destiny’s Child that propelled her fame. After leaving the group in 2000, Luckett hasn’t slowed down with two solo albums under her belt and a consistent career as a working actress where she has secured roles in at least nine film projects since her 2010 debut in the film, “Preacher’s Kid.”

Despite a smooth transition from being a known singer to actress, the real life daughter of a minister insists she struggles with being famous.

“It doesn’t get easier when you’re trying to work your way up that ladder. It actually sometimes can be more difficult because of people pressure, because of people’s opinions,”Luckett told The Christian Post. “Some people try to bring you down instead of lift you up because unfortunately that’s kind of the world we live in. A lot of people like to see the bad, because they feel the bad is more entertaining than the good.”

Still, Luckett makes sure she is not defining herself by the opinions of others.

“I serve a major God who definitely has the last say on my life. Being an actress and a singer, you get more ‘no’s’ than you get ‘yes’,” Luckett told CP. “You get more rejection than you do anything else.”

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