January 22, 2013 CED

“For Richer or Poorer” Returns January 26th

For Richer or Poorer will return to GMC TV on January 26.

For Richer or PoorerThe wedding vow-themed production has been turned into a six-episode series, and a continuation of the play-based movie of the same name that premiered in April.

The series stars Rockmond Dunbar and LeToya Luckett, as Kya and Aubrey Wilson, a married couple of four years who questions their commitment as they go though difficult financial times that ultimately place their strengths and weaknesses on the front line.

Angell Conwell, Anthony Evans Jr., Carl Anthony Payne, and Jackée Harry will also star in the series.

In case you missed the TV movie, you can watch it here!

Watch the trailer below!


About For Richer Or Poorer:

For Richer Or Poorer is a story about commitment and honesty. A married couple of four years questions their commitment as they go though difficult financial times that ultimately place their strengths and weaknesses on the front line.

Kya and Aubrey Wilson have been married four years. While Kya comes from an affluent family, Aubrey does not. He’s had to work for every dime and has been very successful, climbing his way through the ranks of a successful financial firm. When Aubrey met Kya, he’d just received a promotion and was making close to six figures. Though he spent the first year of their marriage paying off old debts she was unaware of, he was still able to keep up with her expensive lifestyle.

Kya works in real estate, but with the market being very unpredictable she’s been dabbling in her passion: interior decorating. Since they live off Aubrey’s salary, Kya has decided to go back to school and get a degree in interior design. She’s enrolled, but hasn’t shared the news with her husband.

Aubrey and Kya are addicted to their lifestyle with parties, trips, and expensive accessories such as clothing, furniture and electronics. Their four years of marriage has been blissful with few disagreements and no fights. However, when Aubrey’s company is bought out and audited, his department comes under investigation for fraud. His boss is accused of embezzlement and the new owners decide to replace the entire department. Aubrey loses his job and because of the investigation, he is forced to leave without severance pay.

When Aubrey comes home and tells Kya he is no longer employed, chaos erupts. She blames him for not knowing about his boss. He blames her for spending all their money and not saving. She blames him for not investing more money. Name-calling ensues. After reviewing their finances, the couple realizes that if they don’t immediately cut back on expenses, they are in for trouble. Due to the reputation of his last employer, Aubrey is having a hard time finding work in his field. Their marriage begins to crumble. Kya has to quit school and stop shopping. Aubrey has to go from a high-paying financial job to a minimum wage gig. With both partners stressed, insecurities about their relationship surface. This leads Kya to develop a desire to move back home. Aubrey feels that if Kya will abandon him when he needs her most, she cannot be trusted. It takes friends, family and an act of God to bring these two back together and work through the pressures of what it takes to make a marriage last.

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