April 25, 2012 CED

“From The Rough” Still On Hold

Yesterday “From The Rough” director Pierre Bagley called into the The Steve Harvey Morning Showto talk about how the film’s release is still on hold, and how he still hasn’t been given an explanation as to why the film needs to be “broadened” or what that even means. Listen to the interview below, and then check out the movie trailer. Please help spread the word about “From The Rough” so we can get more support for this great film and finally get it released into theaters!

Video not available

Video not available

For more details:

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  • Yah

    i dnt get it whats going on with this movie the producer needs to just release it and stop listening to bees in his ears.

  • Laublancar

    I can’t understand why this movie wasnt be launch. It’s a great story that was waiting to be told and… hey!! here is it! Have a great cast and a lot of people was waiting to see it. A few months ago I read in a Spanish foro about movies that many ppl was expecting for this one, (I’m from Spain) and suddenly that movie is HOLD?? wth is happening in Hollywood or whatever place that the movie must be launch…there are many movie with an empty argument in theatres right now, and ONE that have a STORY a real and wonderful story…they do nothing, is crazy!