“From The Rough” is in Theaters NOW!!!

"From The Rough" Poster

From The Rough is in theaters NOW!!!

From the Rough stars  Taraji P. Henson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Felton, and LeToya Luckett is the inspirational true story of Coach Catana Starks, who became the first woman ever to coach an all-men’s team at the collegiate levelThrough grit and determination, she overcame incredible odds and deep-seated prejudice from all corners to guide a rag-tag group of golfers to an all-time record championship season. From the Rough celebrates this remarkable woman’s triumph against overwhelming odds.

It’s a great story about the first African-American coach to teach a golf team, and it tells her truth and everything she went through to put the team together when nobody believed in her. It’s a great film! – LeToya



LeToya On LaTavia Roberson on R&B Divas: “I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out”

LeToya spoke with HipHollywood about her latest film “From the Rough” (in theaters April 25, 2014) and also mentioned she will be tuning in to see her friend LaTavia Roberson on the new season of “R&B Divas: Atlanta”. ”I’m so interested to see LaTavia’s behavior, because she is so funny and she doesn’t care, ” explained LeToya. ”But that’s my sister so I can’t wait to see how this going to play out.”

Her Source Interview: LeToya Luckett Talks New Film ‘From the Rough’

“From the Rough” is an inspirational movie based on the true story of Catana Starks and her struggle to create a successful men’s golf team at a predominantly African American university. This film boasts an all star cast including Taraji P. Henson as ‘Catana’, Michael Clark Duncan, Tom Felton and LeToya Luckett. The plot is filled with powerful messages and woman in empowering roles. Aside from the ambitious ‘Catana’ one of the girls she coached ‘Stacey’ played by LeToya Luckett is a star swimmer and soon to be doctor. In the film ’Catana Starks’ brings together a group of international misfits and creates a winning men’s college golf team.

"From The Rough" PosterQ: What was your experience like working on the film?

It was a lot of fun. A learning experience, especially working around big players in the game like Taraji P. Henson and Michael Clark Duncan. I learned so much especially with Taraji. I’ve always admired her not only as an actress but as a person. The way she carries herself, so I was blessed with the opportunity to share a screen with her and be able to sit back and just learn honey. And watch her jump into a character, I don’t care what jokes were played on the scene I mean right before they yelled “action” she’d have her fun but when it came down to film and get in to that character she jumped right in to it.

Q:  Your role as Stacey is similar to your role as Felicia in that they are both hardworking woman determined to be successful in life. Do you feel you’re drawn to roles where you are an ambitious female character?

You know I like that. Felicia was a lot of fun. I did admire her confidence, I love that she is a woman of power she carries herself very well and she deserves a certain kind of respect. Now she is cold blooded and she’s a beast. But then again when you have bosses like that or people in your life that really push you … you can only grow. So I think yes, I might be attracted to playing a certain type of girl. A girl that is confident but at the same time like “The Preachers Kid” I played a girl that had to find her confidence cause she didn’t know who she was. She was in those growing stages of really becoming a woman. So I just love telling the story of women, you know different things we go through in life our challenges, our ups, our downs. But the beauty of a woman you know, and how we can be fifteen million things at one time; a momma, a boss, a wife, a sister, a nurse, a cook anything! Read more