6 Things You Never Knew About “Killers” Star LeToya Luckett

Think you know everything about this starlet? Here are a few things you might not know!

Remember the craze of boy bands and girl groups in the 1990s? If you were a fan, then you’ll remember the world-famous Destiny’s Child and the groups singer LeToya Luckett. She is currently working on her 3rd album and can now be seen starring alongside Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher in Killers, out today! But something you might not have heard…is that this girl has got a unique sweet tooth and an interesting nightly habit!

Check out six things you never knew about LeToya here!

* I get terribly shy around boys.
* I’m a total pack rat.
* I have a weakness for creme brule.
* I do a happy dance when my food is REALLY good!
* I rub my cold feet together when I go to sleep.
* I have a secret obsession with the late Gene Kelly.


“Killers” Premieres TOMORROW!

The world premiere of the new action comedy “Killers” takes place on Tuesday, June 1st at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles and Lionsgate will be broadcasting the red carpet event live via their official “Killers” Facebook page.

Ashton Kutcher will be streaming the first 10 minutes of the movie live via UStream from inside the Cinerama Dome where the premiere is taking place, so viewers will get an exclusive first look at the movie before it is released in theatres on June 4th.