LeToya Delivers In “Second Generation Wayans”

LeToya Luckett as 'Rochelle' on 2nd Generation Wayans

“Does ‘Second Generation Wayans’ Deliver?

This is this question Ebony Magazine‘s “Entertainment & Culture” writer Michael Arceneaux posed in his review of the new BET comedy. The show stars Damien Dante Wayans, Craig Wayans, George Gore III, and Tatyana Ali, but LeToya is posed to be the break-out star of the show. Read what he has to say about LeToya’s performance below.

So far, the most hilarious thing about the show is former Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett. Luckett, who’s been quietly building her acting resume in recent years, plays Rochelle, the mother of Craig Wayans’ son.

Admittedly, her character is a familiar trope many would understandably like to see go away – the baby mama from hell. If nothing else, LeToya plays the character well and flexes surprising comedic chops, particularly when she dismisses criticism over her son with Craig calling her by her first name with “I don’t need to advertise I’m somebody’s mama. My son knows who I am.” She’s the breakout star of this show, proving once again that the Houston, Texas native knows how to make an impression when given the right opportunity.

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“Second Generation Wayans” Premieres January 15th

2nd Generation Wayans

The new BET show, “Second Generation Wayans” will premiere January 15, 2013!

LeToya joins the show’s stars Damien Dante Wayans, Craig Wayans, George Gore II, and Tatyana Ali, as Rochelle. Her character is the mother of Craig’s child, Bronx, and described as a cute, ex R&B singer who had a one hit single a decade ago [with] a bold, sharp attitude and often finds herself quarreling with Craig. In the pilot, Craig and Rochelle are no longer seeing one another and tensions boil over between them during a run-in at a club.

About the show:

Craig Wayans and Damien Dante Wayans come from America’s First Family of Comedy. Their co-star George Gore II is best known for his role as Big Head Junior in Damon Wayans’ sitcom My Wife & Kids. Second Generation Wayans is a hilarious new scripted family comedy.

However, as it turns out, being a Wayans isn’t all fun and games. Viewers see the good, the funny and the ugly as the young trio emerges from the long shadows of their aunts and uncles to carve out their own paths to stardom.

LeToya Luckett Joins New BET Series

LeToya continues to build her acting portfolio by joining Craig Wayans and Damien Dante Wayans as a cast member of the new BET series, Second Generation Wayans. She plays a character by the name of Rochelle, who is basically “a pretty thug.” The series is set to premiere during the 2012-2013 TV season!

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